Murdock Dress Code
Posted on 07/14/2016
Dress CodeMurdock Elementary has a uniform dress code.  Students should wear a plain colored shirt; it may be a t-shirt or a collared shirt, long or short sleeved.  It can be any color you choose.  Pants or shorts or skirts may be worn in the following colors: khaki tan, brown, navy blue, black, olive green.  Girls choosing to wear a skirt may wear leggings or tights with the skirt, but the leggings or tights should be solid in color and follow the guideline color of pants.  Boys grades 2-4 should tuck in their shirts.  This year belts are optional for all students!  However, sagging pants will require a belt as determined by the principal.  Shoes may be of their choice, except for flip flops.  Sandals should have a back strap. If a shoe has a heel that is deemed not safe or a distraction, the student will be asked to not wear those shoes again.