ELearning Directions

  • Our staff will be meeting and planning for the E Learning break on March 30th. Our goal is to get assignments to you via our school website and emails with links directly to the parents. More information will be presented to you via email and the school website on March 30th. Our school website is http://mur.lsc.k12.in.us/


  • Ipads are to be used to enhance learning for e-learning days.  More details will be sent through teacher facebook posts and through power announcements as well as on this website
  • If Ipads become damaged over break or are not returned then you will be charged for any replacement parts or maintenance. The cost for the ipad replacement ranges from $300-$500. Please take good care of them.
  • Before returning the ipad to school please sanitize it at home. This also goes for the charging cube and cord.
  • Please keep your Ipads with you at home and if you are leaving for vacation do not take them with you.