Title I at Murdock

What is Title I?

  • Federal funding for low achieving students targeted to high poverty schools.

  • Title I provides extra academic support and learning opportunities for children who are failing, or most at-risk of failing state and local standards.

  • Provides additional resources to close the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children.

  • Part of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act); which emphasizes the importance of teacher quality, student achievement, and parental involvement.

Who can be served?

  • Migrant Children

  • Limited English Proficient Children

  • Children who are homeless

  • Children with disabilities

  • Any child in academic need

Our Program-School-Wide Title I

  • Title I money is used to upgrade the entire educational program while also providing additional assistance to the most at-risk students.  Supplies and equipment purchased with Title I funding can be used with all students.

  • We must have at least 40% poverty within school to qualify.

How do we serve students at Murdock?

  • School supplies are provided for students

  • Extra assistance in the classroom with the help of Intervention Assistants

  • Constant progress monitoring using DIBELS, mClass, Acuity, and Accelerated Math and Reading.

  • Intervention Assistants available during FOCUS (after school program) to assist students

If you have any questions about Title I at Murdock, please contact:

Kristy Gross

Title I Lead Teacher

Murdock Elementary School

[email protected]